Eternal Flame Falls
The mysterious flame among the falls

The Eternal Flame Falls is a small waterfall located in the Shale Creek Preserve, a section of Chestnut Ridge Park in Western New York. A small grotto at the waterfall's base emits natural gas, which can be lit to produce a small flame. This flame is visible nearly year round, although it can be extinguished and must occasionally be re-lit. This fascinating phenomenon puzzled most, as no scientific explanation was able to properly explain it. Once considered an "obscure" attraction in the region, media attention and improvements to the access trail have led to an increased number of visitors.
Due to it’s popularity, it has impacts from the visitors itself, such as negative impacts that increase in litter, vandalism, pollution, and impacts on the surrounding terrain by tourists,but also fueled a successful public protest against a plan to clear a nearby forested area to install a disc golf course in 2…

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship Master Degree

To : Bandung Institute of Technology

Giovanni Angelie Ludwinia
11A, Jalan Rancamanyar
Bandung, 40265

March 04, 2019

Prof. Dr. Ir. Kadarsah Suryadi, DEA
10, Jalan Ganesha
Bandung, Indonesia

Dear Mr. Kadarsah,
I am writing to you regarding Nafisa Tahar Vinaya. I have known her for almost 2 years, and I have known her as a hard working and responsible person. She is a petroleum engineer and she has a good attitude. She has a dream and she wants to achieve that. She wants to be success by being a helpful and kindhearted person for others. I met her when she was studying for her Bachelor Degree in ITB. She finished her study with a great score and she graduated in a cum-laud. During the time I’ve been friends with her, Nafisa is currently working in Royal Dutch Shell, and helping Indonesian People who need help in Nederland. She has been given a trust to hold the important roles in a lot of project there, include acting in the development the most secure and effic…


Hello, my name is Giovanni Angelie Ludwinia, my friends often called me Angie. In this post, I will tell you the things that related to me. First of all, I was born in Jakarta, 13th March 2002. I’m 16 years old. My family consist of 3 person, me and my parents. Yes, I’m their only daughter. I have lived in Bandung for 15 years, before moving to Bandung, I lived in Jakarta for one year. I live separately with my dad because he works in Jakarta but me and my mom live in Bandung.
I have many weaknesses, I easily panicked and stressed out. I’m not patient, I like to annoy people, and I can’t understand people’s feeling or situation. I think I have strengths also, I like to smile, I’m friendly, I love my insecurities, and I’m proud of myself.
I also have hobbies, I like singing, I like playing musical instrument, and I like listening to music. In my leisure time, I usually sleeps and eats or watching youtube. By sleeping, I get myself recovered and ready for the next activity. By watching yo…


On 3rd January to 5th January, 3rd Senior High School went to Cibeureum Village for live in or BaktiDesa. There, we lived with the villager in their houses, helped them with their chores and works, played with the kids, got new knowledge, and also having fun. We also travelled to Citarum River and we were having fun at that time. We cleaned the village together with the villagers. 

Me, Renna, Aina, and Vira, lived in a house. The housewarming was really good and the house master was so nice and good to us. 
Here’s some photos of us there:


Edu passion is an annual event from 3rd Senior High School. This year’s theme is Agranasta. This event invites many universities, abroad studies, and some courses. To complete the event, the event also has food stands and inspirational talk show session.
This edu passion invites many other school’s student to join the event and to acknowledge them with more information about universities and courses. I interviewed one of the InstitutTeknologi Bandung (ITB)’s students, Stephan Bangun. He is the alumni from 3rd Senior High School, and he is the student from FTMD or Fakultas Tehnik Mesin Dirgantara.
He said that there are many favourite faculties here, such as STEI, FTI, FTSL, FTMD. He said it is hard to enter ITB and need to be more hardworking but the working prospect is wide. It has 12 falcuties, and the thing that our interviewees shocked is the moving class.


writing on the spot